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TTW#03 - Stephen O'Malley - Petite Géante

Cassette only - limited edition of 350 copies

Track listing:

Petite Géante (1 x stereo) 31:42
Program repeats on both sides.

Recorded in 1208 Saalfelden, 01-0209 Brest. Stephen O'Malley: Electrical guitar, Supro, Fulltone tape echo, sine wave, field recording. Cover illustration: SAVX

Originally commissioned for the Enter sound installation series at Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway curated by Anne Hilde Neset. Appears as a 4 channel work which loops for a full day, on a cycle with 9 other artists, every tenth day, for at least two years. More information about Tou Scene and Enter can be found at Published by Ideologic Organ (BMI) administered by Rough Trade Music Publishing.

Thanks Anne Hilde Neset, Gisèle Vienne, Edwin Pouncey.
For Takehisa Kosugi & Oren Ambarchi.

About Stephen O'Malley:

Participant in the following acts: Sunn O))), Ktl, Gravetemple, Æthenor, Ginnungagap, Lotus Eaters, L.A.M.F., and various collaborations. The Kindertotenlieder theatre piece by Gisèle Vienne & Dennis Cooper. Previously involved with Khanate, Burning Witch, Thorr's Hammer, Black Mass, Black Horizon, Sarin, Ceremonium, Kuboaah, Bigg Dogg, etc.


Aquarius (USA):

Latest in the Tapeworm series of super limited cassette releases, the first two were from Philip Jeck (now sold out) and Jean Baudrillard (not really Baudrillard, but a reading of his work), but this one might be the most anticipated, which makes the fact that we were only able to get only 10 copies even that much more of a bummer.

So yeah, a tiny handful of you will get lucky and will snag one of these, a gorgeous sidelong dronescape from Stephen O'Malley (of SUNNO))), KTL, Gravetemple, Aethenor, Ginnungagap, Lotus Eaters, Khanate, Burning Witch, Thorr's Hammer among others), buzzing rumbling guitars, throbbing low end, delicate shimmer, haunting field recordings, music from an art installation, gorgeous stuff, without even noticing, we listened to it 4 or 5 times in a row, the tape flipping over and over, and we could have listened to it 5 more times! Cool cover art by Savage Pencil.


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