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TTW#05 - The Van Patterson Quartet - Live at F.W.

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies

Track listing:

A: Part One - 22m18s
B: Part Two - 17m27s

Cover features an illustration by SaxX, after Martin Sharp.

Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet? The Tapeworm stumbled upon the lost psych rock recording, “Live at F.W.” by The Van Patterson Quartet, late during a sleepless night. A link started a chain of events… the Wormery would not sleep until the answer had been found!

“Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet?” we asked ourselves… We sent out feelers via our contacts. We waited. Replies came back – digital shrugs, all expressing a deep fascination that something sounding so splendid could remain unearthed for so long. Then, “Mr. Big” stepped in. Quite by chance, he was neighbours with one of the band. Such serendipity. He hooked us up. Letters were written, requests made, permissions granted, and a few short weeks later a copy of “Live at F.W.”, mailed with a blurry Polaroid, landed on our desk. We sat back, and listened properly for the first time. We were blown away. We had just been given possibly the last great unreleased psych rock recording.

Who on earth are The Van Patterson Quartet? This recording dates, we believe, from the late 60s. It features this hitherto unknown band in full flight, live. It needs to be heard to be believed. Funky, fuzzed-up, flipped-out, fucked and fried. Forty minutes of hallucinating Hammond and ferocious feedback. That’s who they are…


Aquarius (USA):

Latest release in the ever expanding, and extremely eclectic catalog of mysterious UK tape label The Tapeworm. Past Tapeworm releases from Philip Jeck, Stephen O'Malley and Simon Fisher Turner have been big hits around here, as was a strange reading of works by Jean Baudrillard. This one might be the weirdest of the bunch though. For several reasons.

Purportedly a lost live set from a band called the Van Patterson Quartet, nothing at all can be found online about the VPQ, -except- all sorts of folks trying to find out who the heck these guys were. One record collector claims to have stumbled across an unlabeled 12", which in fact turned out to be these recordings, but the dearth of information leads us to believe that maybe this is not actually a real artifact of sixties psych, but instead an elaborate, and incredibly kick ass hoax. There's the sound too, which on the surface definitely sounds vintage, the recording super fuzzy and fucked up, lots of tape warble, and lo-fi primitive recording artifacts, but at the same time, the sound is weirdly modern, the effects blown out and trippy, sure there's tons of Hammond organ, which again lends this some serious vintage vibes, but plenty of the tracks get super heavy and super damaged, because of the degraded recordings, much of this sounds like a sixties psych rock Faxed Head, drop outs and hiss as much a part of the jams as the jams themselves. The guitars and organ are HEAVY, the drums mathy and jazzy and powerful, everything hazy and druggy, but the tracks are laced with seriously tweaked effects, and hell, if this IS really a band from the sixties, then this is THE HOLY GRAIL, and the fact that it has never been heard before boggles the mind, and makes it criminal that it's being released on a tape label in a run of only 250 copies. If this WERE real, it would be the reissue of the year, the DECADE. It's that fuzzy and fucked up, dark and droney and hypnotic, which definitely leads us to believe it's some young rockers who built themselves a band / time machine, and are channeling some vintage sounds, and just added all the crowd noise and record crackle and tape hiss and bleedthrough to confuse and obfuscate. It hardly matters really, this is some seriously heavy, droney, twisted, hypnotic, druggy, tripped out shit, fans of modern retro psych like the Wooden Shjips and the Heads and the Telescopes will go nuts for this, as will sixties psych-heads who might want to see if they can figure out if this stuff is new or old. But like we said, hardly matters, cuz what it is, is fucking AWESOME.

Expressway To My Skull (USA):

The Pop Drones show is normally dedicated to playing current music from the DIY underground and beyond, but when this cassette of an unknown group supposedly from the 60s came through the mail, I just had to share it. The Van Patterson Quartet, who play a shredding live set of organ-led psych garage on this release, are a bit of a mystery. No one seems to know a damn thing about them, and the only info online concerns finding out who the group was/is. The general consensus is that they didn't actually exist and this is a bit of ruse, which would make sense with the mysterious Tapeworm label. Though this may be out of print, I would highly recommend all fans of psych, past and present, to seek out a copy of this.


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