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TTW#106 – SKY-CHU /∫u/

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A: SKY-CHU /∫u/ – audio from the installation “SKY-CHU /∫u/” at the Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, April 2018 by Jasmin Blasco and David Okum. With thanks to Jeremy Emery and Yuta Sasaki.

B: SKY-CHU Improv 1 – recorded live at Wilding Cran Gallery, 15.iv.2018. Jasmin Blasco: audio from the 5.1 installation. Jason Adams: cello. Derek Gaines: guitar. Zachary Paul: violin. Patrick Shiroishi: saxophone.

“The desert is hard to look at, it’s too subtle.” — Captain Beefheart

SKY-CHU is a live taping of a performance on April 15th, 2018, in which Patrick Shiroishi and Zachary Paul, with additional guests Derek Gaines on guitar and Jason Adams on cello, performed an improvised piece inside Jasmin Blasco and David Okum's sound sculpture SKY - CHU /∫u/, at Wilding Cran Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

SKY-CHU /∫u/ demands that the listener become aware of the process of listening itself. For the April 15th performance, each viewer/performer was asked to reflect on the moments of transition between interior and exterior listening – listening to oneself vs. listening to the world. The performers were invited to improvise to Blasco’s original sound piece, dramatising the spontaneous occurrence of this process.

/∫u/– the Norwegian word for cloud, spelled “sky”, is pronounced “choo”.


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