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TTW#111 – Zeno van den Broek – Entrop

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies

A1: Untitled
A2: Untitled
A3: Untitled
A4: Untitled
B1: Untitled
B2: Untitled

Formed in Copenhagen, February 2018, using a modified Ciat-Lonbarde Esoterica Spike Ring.

"Typically in my work I deal with fixed concepts and defined parameters. With “Entrop” the concept was to not deal with such notions and instead to embrace chaos. I built a noisy little synth – a Ciat-Lonbarde Esoterica Spike Ring – which I modified with further feedback loops to intensify its unpredictable nature. The drum track is not programmed – instead the drum computer follows the pulses of the synth. The recordings on this tape are edited and layered from several sessions. I find it to be one of my most musical works – less rational, almost purely instinctive.” - Zeno van den Broek, Berlin,


Zeno van den Broek is a Dutch-born, Copenhagen-based composer and artist. Van den Broek works in a multi-sensory way to research and express physical, social and acoustic notions. He utilises immaterial, digital and temporal means to create site- and concept-specific works. This trans-disciplinary method has a strong conceptual foundation, originating from his background in architecture, which enables him to comprehend and reveal the richness and complexity of spatial, visceral and physical perception.


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