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TTW#114 – Davide Luciani – Calming Counts

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
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Illustration by Anna von Hausswolff.

A1: Asleep
A2: Awakening
B: Death To The Other Side

Music by Davide Luciani (guitar, organ, synth and electronics). Recorded and mixed in Berlin in between 2017-2018 by Davide Luciani. Mastered by Simon Scott at SPS Mastering.

Davide Luciani is an Italian electronic music composer and media designer, based in Berlin since 2011. He has a background in the Italian noise-rock scene with projects dating back to 2005. “Calming Counts” is Luciani’s first solo release.

His solo practice places acoustic instrumentation into analogue/digital synthesis to create works that bridge the territories of noise, drone rock and minimal music. His approach to electroacoustic music – which he voices with guitar, piano, strings, accordion, synthesisers, VST sorcery and loopers – has a distinct harmonic hue, with layered repetitive patterns and instrumental polyphonies.

As sound and visual designer he has directed and curated a wide variety of projects from soundtracks to space design. His collaborations have been hosted at highly regarded institutions and venues such as Venice Biennial, Berlin Atonal, Ström Festival, Bayreuth Festspiele, Museum Omero, Tresor and MUSMA.

Luciani was a member of the label/platform Dromoscope and has collaborated as visual artist with Grün (Daniele de Santis) and Claudio Rocchetti. In 2014, together with sound artist Fabio Perletta, he co-founded Mote, a multidisciplinary design studio whose practice addresses arts and music.


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