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TTW#116 – John Macedo – Left Behind

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
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“Left Behind” is a collection of studio-based works, improvisations and sound studies from 2006-2013. They were all intended for release but for one reason or another never made it out into the world.

A1: Church the Light of the World
A2: Sixty-four Sine Waves (D Aeolian)
A3: Sixty-four Sine Waves (C Major)
A4: Sixty-four Sine Waves (G Minor)
A5: Sound for Animation That Never Happened
B6: No Input Mixer Improvisation
B7: Warm Room
B8: Modified Portable CD Player

“Church the Light of the World” (2013) – recorded and sound material found in London, Rotterdam, New York City, Orlando, Derry and Turin between 2009-2013. Indoor and outdoor fielding recordings, found tapes, found objects, found metal and broken cymbals, modular synthesizer and homemade electronic circuits and electronic test equipment.

“Sixty-four Sine Waves Studies: D Aeolian, C Major and G Minor” (2010) – recorded in Kentish Town, London, 2010. Max/MSP.

“Sound for Animation That Never Happened” (2007) – recorded in Archway, London, 2007. Doepfer modular synthesizer.

“No Input Mixer Improvisation” (2006) – recorded in Cricklewood, London, 2006. Mixer, effects pedals and contact mic.

“Warm Room” (2012) – recorded in New Cross, London, 2012. Voice: Frances Morgan. Doepfer modular synthesizer and SuperCollider.

“Modified Portable CD Player” (2011) – recorded in Kentish Town, London, 2011. Modified portable CD player.

“WORM” (2013) – recorded and mixed at WORM Studio in Rotterdam, Netherlands and New Cross, London, 2013. Analogue synthesizers: ARP 2500, ARP 2600, EMS VCS3, Serge Modular, Synton Syrinx, Roland SH-09 and Korg MS20.

John Macedo is a sound artist and performer from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis into recorded works, live performances, film, and sound installations. He has a pluralistic approach which explores and reveals the hidden potential in all sounds, environments and technologies, often in intimate, immersive and intuitive ways.

He has performed around the UK and Europe and has collaborated live and on studio-based works with a wide variety of musicians and artists including Phil Julian, Graham Dunning, Tom White, Yoni Silver, John Butcher, John Edwards, Michael Speers, Cath Roberts, Sue Lynch, Lee Fraser and Adam Bohman amongst others. He has had work released by Hideous Replica, Sound Holes, Beartown Records as well as releasing small run and object editions on his own label, The Black Plume Editions.


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