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TTW#123 – XYZ (an ABC of The Tapeworm as Mixed by Dale Cornish)

Cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies
Red edition available exclusively at Stellage.Store
Regular edition now on Bandcamp

A scrambled ABC of The Tapeworm, as mixed by Dale Cornish. Featuring, not in alphabetical order… A is for Laura Agnusdei, B is for Blood Music, C is for Dale Cornish, D is for The Dead Mauriacs, E is for Michael Esposito, F is for Le Forbici Di Manitù, G is for Stefan Goldmann, H is for Howlround, I is for Iceman Junglist Kru, J is for Jay Glass Dubs, K is for Kostis Kilymis, L is for Davide Luciani, M is for Achim Mohné, N is for NYZ, O is for OUT, P is for Marta de Pascalis, Q is for Quietitude, R is for Rishaug Marhaug, S is for Steinbrüchel, T is for Tears|Ov, U is for UnicaZürn, V is for Wouter Van Veldhoven, W is for Paul H Williams, X is for X-Ray Sally, Y is for Yol and Z is for Ziúr x Château Laut. Illustration by venoztks.

A1: Stefan Goldmann “Lover”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Haven’t I Seen You Before”
(TTW#12, 2010)

A2: The Dead Mauriacs “Cool Cool Cool (With A Zen Disturbance)”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A3: Davide Luciani “Cenere”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A4: Laura Agnusdei “Shaky Situation”
taken from forthcoming The Wormhole LP “Laurisilva”
(WHO#17, release date TBC)

A5: Tears|Ov “Overstimulated Arcade Rat”
taken from forthcoming The Wormhole LP “A Hopeless Place”
(WHO#14, 2019)

A6: Blood Music “All Hail, Zoe, The Posthuman, Maker Of Substrates, Great Connector, Red-Appearing Tendril And The Forked Aztec Branch On The Forest Floor”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A7: Quietitude “T22_06_06Z_9990.9kHz”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A8: Steinbrüchel “Sinus 5”
a bonus track not included on the The Tapeworm cassette, “Sinus”
(TTW#42, 2012)

A9: Iceman Junglist Kru “Could Jandek Exist In This Day And Age?”
taken from forthcoming The Tapeworm cassette “Mashed On Pills”
(TTW#121, release date TBC)

A10: NYZ “SRi-M12-SCHISM17t-DRN24”
taken from forthcoming The Wormhole LP “ROMTYZ”
(WHO#19, 2020)

A11: Howlround “Bastarding”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A12: Wouter Van Veldhoven “72”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Redundant/Rotary/Rotations”
(TTW#61, 2013)

A13: Ziúr x Château Laut – Ghost Or Saint (Ziúr Rub)
taken from a forthcoming, as yet untitled The Wormhole 12”
(WHO#20, 2020)

A14: X-Ray Sally “Young Ossie Professional”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

B1: Marta de Pascalis “Her Core”
taken from The Wormhole LP “Her Core / Hard Core”
(WHO#12, 2018)

B2: Paul H Williams “Fallen To Earth (Part III)”
taken from The Wormhole 7” “Fallen To Earth”
(WHO#08, 2016)

B3: Achim Mohné “Seite B”
taken from The Wormhole 7” “Seite B”
(WHO#05, 2013)

B4: Michael Esposito “Live at Worm Eats Bear, 20.10.2011”
previously unreleased live recording

B5: Dale Cornish “Intersection”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

B6: Le Forbici Di Manitù “La Gengiva Inferiore Di Dio”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Saliva Calda”
(TTW#90, 2016)

B7: Jay Glass Dubs “Devotional Song One”
taken from forthcoming The Tapeworm cassette “Two Devotional Songs for Spacemen 3 in the Style of Love Inc.”
(TTW#120, 2019)

B8: UnicaZürn “Phosphor AKS”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Omegapavilion”
(TTW#84, 2016)

B9: Rishaug Marhaug “Seeing Eye Dog”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Corneal Clouds”
(TTW#94, 2017)

B10: Kostis Kilymis “Which Area Describes You Best?”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Second Saturation”
(TTW#109, 2018)

B11: OUT “Southernrail”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

B12: Yol “Inside, The Buildings Are Angry”
taken from Vanity Publishing cassette “Drift”
(CARLY#04, 2018)


Boomkat (UK):

Marking 10 years of The Tapeworm’s underground digest, Dale Cornish yields a patchwork of its odd charms cutting right across the label’s practically unparalleled catalogue from A-Z.

Closely affiliated with the London-based label since the early daze of 2009, Cornish himself has issued two tapes on the main label and a handful on its sublabel Vantiy Productions, placing him in good stead to fathom its rarified and far-flung missives from the fringes of avant-garde, experimental composition.

The mix is suitably, sensitively arranged from fragments of some 26 works from Laura Agnusdei thru to Ziúr x Chateau Laut, taking in the concrète spectres of Howlround, Jay Glass Dubs’ echo-chamber inversions, the singular computer music of NYZ, and Dale’s own fractured rhythms during a gently but potently mind-bending trip.

Bleep (UK):

A is for Laura Agnusdei, B is for Blood Music, C is for Dale Cornish… Master mixer Mr Cornish appears on The Tapeworm to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a unique ABCs of what he’s into, in no particular order. Across this double-sided, cassette-only release you’ll hear the likes of The Dead Mauriacs, Davide Luciani, Kostis Kilymis and Steinbrüchel. It’s an eclectic mix of the great and the good, fit for such an occasion.


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