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TTW#123 – XYZ (an ABC of The Tapeworm as Mixed by Dale Cornish)

Cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies
Initially available exclusively at Stellage.Store

A scrambled ABC of The Tapeworm, as mixed by Dale Cornish. Featuring, not in alphabetical order… A is for Laura Agnusdei, B is for Blood Music, C is for Dale Cornish, D is for The Dead Mauriacs, E is for Michael Esposito, F is for Le Forbici Di Manitù, G is for Stefan Goldmann, H is for Howlround, I is for Iceman Junglist Kru, J is for Jay Glass Dubs, K is for Kostis Kilymis, L is for Davide Luciani, M is for Achim Mohné, N is for NYZ, O is for OUT, P is for Marta de Pascalis, Q is for Quietitude, R is for Rishaug Marhaug, S is for Steinbrüchel, T is for Tears|Ov, U is for UnicaZürn, V is for Wouter Van Veldhoven, W is for Paul H Williams, X is for X-Ray Sally, Y is for Yol and Z is for Ziúr x Château Laut. Illustration by venoztks.

A1: Stefan Goldmann “Lover”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Haven’t I Seen You Before”
(TTW#12, 2010)

A2: The Dead Mauriacs “Cool Cool Cool (With A Zen Disturbance)”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A3: Davide Luciani “Cenere”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A4: Laura Agnusdei “Shaky Situation”
taken from forthcoming The Wormhole LP “Laurisilva”
(WHO#17, release date TBC)

A5: Tears|Ov “Overstimulated Arcade Rat”
taken from forthcoming The Wormhole LP “A Hopeless Place”
(WHO#14, 2019)

A6: Blood Music “All Hail, Zoe, The Posthuman, Maker Of Substrates, Great Connector, Red-Appearing Tendril And The Forked Aztec Branch On The Forest Floor”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A7: Quietitude “T22_06_06Z_9990.9kHz”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A8: Steinbrüchel “Sinus 5”
a bonus track not included on the The Tapeworm cassette, “Sinus”
(TTW#42, 2012)

A9: Iceman Junglist Kru “Could Jandek Exist In This Day And Age?”
taken from forthcoming The Tapeworm cassette “Mashed On Pills”
(TTW#121, release date TBC)

A10: NYZ “SRi-M12-SCHISM17t-DRN24”
taken from forthcoming The Wormhole LP “ROMTYZ”
(WHO#19, 2020)

A11: Howlround “Bastarding”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

A12: Wouter Van Veldhoven “72”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Redundant/Rotary/Rotations”
(TTW#61, 2013)

A13: Ziúr x Château Laut – Ghost Or Saint (Ziúr Rub)
taken from a forthcoming, as yet untitled The Wormhole 12”
(WHO#20, 2020)

A14: X-Ray Sally “Young Ossie Professional”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

B1: Marta de Pascalis “Her Core”
taken from The Wormhole LP “Her Core / Hard Core”
(WHO#12, 2018)

B2: Paul H Williams “Fallen To Earth (Part III)”
taken from The Wormhole 7” “Fallen To Earth”
(WHO#08, 2016)

B3: Achim Mohné “Seite B”
taken from The Wormhole 7” “Seite B”
(WHO#05, 2013)

B4: Michael Esposito “Live at Worm Eats Bear, 20.10.2011”
previously unreleased live recording

B5: Dale Cornish “Intersection”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

B6: Le Forbici Di Manitù “La Gengiva Inferiore Di Dio”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Saliva Calda”
(TTW#90, 2016)

B7: Jay Glass Dubs “Devotional Song One”
taken from forthcoming The Tapeworm cassette “Two Devotional Songs for Spacemen 3 in the Style of Love Inc.”
(TTW#120, 2019)

B8: UnicaZürn “Phosphor AKS”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Omegapavilion”
(TTW#84, 2016)

B9: Rishaug Marhaug “Seeing Eye Dog”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Corneal Clouds”
(TTW#94, 2017)

B10: Kostis Kilymis “Which Area Describes You Best?”
taken from The Tapeworm cassette “Second Saturation”
(TTW#109, 2018)

B11: OUT “Southernrail”
exclusive, previously unreleased track

B12: Yol “Inside, The Buildings Are Angry”
taken from Vanity Publishing cassette “Drift”
(CARLY#04, 2018)


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