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TTW#25 - The Tapeworm Comes Alive!

Cassette only - limited edition of 250 copies
Promotional mixtape - Available at [SOLD OUT AT SOURCE]

This mixtape was first available at The Tapeworm Comes Alive!, 28.xi.10, Utrecht. Details of this event, below…

Le Guess Who? and PAUME present a night curated by cassette label THE TAPEWORM featuring Leslie Winer, Leif Elggren, Zerocrop, Ananizapta, Savage Pencil, People Like Us and Philip Marshall.

PAUME, the Utrecht (Netherlands) based Platform for Avant-garde and Urban Media Explorations invited The Tapeworm to curate a programme presenting all aspects of the cassette labels' roster and vision. The Tapeworm gladly accepted the invitation and presents its selection on the closing night of Le Guess Who?

On Sunday 28th November 2010 Leslie Winer, Leif Elggren, Zerocrop and Ananizapta all perform live in a continuous ‘revue’ performance, hosted by The Tapeworm.

In the lobby of Theater Kikker, sound installations feature the ‘Wormcast’ mixes of released and unreleased works from The Tapeworm's catalogue. There’s more: Savage Pencil exhibits his art in a gallery setting and Leif Elggren and People Like Us are featured with their video art. PAUME also commissioned a special and exclusive sound art piece by Philip Marshall based on field recordings made by PAUME in Utrecht.

PAUME invited The Tapeworm to produce an exclusive cassette release for this event. Featuring a splendid selection of artists from the label, The Tapeworm presents ‘The Tapeworm Comes Alive!’ in a limited edition of only 100 copies for sale at the event only.

Established in June 2009, The Tapeworm is a true cassette label. Feature articles in magazines like The Wire, Gonzo Circus and RUIS are testament to the label’s status. No barcodes, but styled in typical black and white and adhering to the relentless pace of releasing two tapes every month, mostly specifically recorded for The Tapeworm, the label has featured a dazzling line-up of artists since its inception. Every tape is strictly limited; to only 250 copies in most cases.

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The Wire (UK):

Darling souvenir of a debauched evening spent with members of The Tapeworm roster. The credits are so small I can't even make them out with my glasses on, but I'm assuming this collects material by most of the event's participants - Leslie Winer, Leif Elggren, Zerocrop and Ananizapta. It plays with great fluidity, and makes me with I'd been leaning against the bar in Utrecht that night, soaking it all in.

Boomkat (UK):

We've got a handful of these promotional C90 mixtapes - limited to 250 total - which were created for a night curated by The Tapeworm in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The event, presented by Le Guess Who? and PAUME featured Leslie Winer, Leif Elggren, Zerocrop, Ananizapta, Savage Pencil and People Like Us, many of whom appear on here sandwiched between other tracks from the Tapeworm catalogue and some real obscure insertions, from Derek Jarman in conversation with Richard Torry to excerpts from Patricia and Ellen read Jean Baudrillard's “Le Xerox et l'Infiniti” (nope, us neither but it sounds interesting, dunnit?). Like we say, it's dead limited and quite sure to throw up all manner of fascinating sounds you've likely never heard before.

Vital Weekly (NL):

…already a release from last year, but worth mentioning since it has a lots of bits of releases on the label, no longer available and also bits of spoken word, sound and noise, just like the great Touch tapes had in the early years. If this was a radio station I'd give up writing about music and listen all day, perhaps while reading Cathi Unsworth.


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