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TTW#60 – Something Special

Cassette only – limited edition of 200 copies

This complication is a product for “Something Special” at NK, Berlin, 3.viii.13, by Entr’acte and The Tapeworm.

A is for Antwerp. Entr’acte mixed by The Tapeworm
Tracks entrammeled by Philip Marshall.

A1: Jo Thomas “Dark Noise"
A2: Dale Cornish “Of An Evening (SE5)"
A3: Noetinger/eRikm/Doneda “Nervures"
A4: Renato Rinaldi “Untitled"
A5: Kostis Kilymis “Reaction as the Afterthought"
A6: Lander Gyselinck and Esther Venrooy “Is It Real?"
A7: Machinefabriek “Worm II"
A8: Giuseppe Ielasi “Untitled"
A9: Kallabris “The Standard of a Fly (Chicago School)"
A10: Joachim Nordwall “Procession"

B is for Berlin. The Tapeworm mixed by Entr’acte
This “Worm Leatherette" mix is by Allon Kaye.

B1: Colin Potter “Melodious Thunk"
B2: Stephan Mathieu “Pauline"
B3: Autodigest as performed by José Maria Lopes “Compression 3 (Unplugged)"
B4: Othon “Behind the Veil Behold the Liquid Light!"
B5: Achim Mohné “First Five Minutes – Live at KHM"
B6: Gastón Arévalo “Atlas"
B7: Millimetre “When We Were Strangers"
B8: The Swifter “Neap Tide"
B9: Steinbrüchel “Sinus 5"

Illustration of a sinister cupcake – Dale Cornish

Read more about “Something Special”, a concert at NK, Berlin, 3 August 2013


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