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TTW#60 – Something Special

Cassette only – limited edition of 200 copies

This complication is a product for “Something Special” at NK, Berlin, 3.viii.13, by Entr’acte and The Tapeworm.

A is for Antwerp. Entr’acte mixed by The Tapeworm
Tracks entrammeled by Philip Marshall.

A1: Jo Thomas “Dark Noise"
A2: Dale Cornish “Of An Evening (SE5)"
A3: Noetinger/eRikm/Doneda “Nervures"
A4: Renato Rinaldi “Untitled"
A5: Kostis Kilymis “Reaction as the Afterthought"
A6: Lander Gyselinck and Esther Venrooy “Is It Real?"
A7: Machinefabriek “Worm II"
A8: Giuseppe Ielasi “Untitled"
A9: Kallabris “The Standard of a Fly (Chicago School)"
A10: Joachim Nordwall “Procession"

B is for Berlin. The Tapeworm mixed by Entr’acte
This “Worm Leatherette" mix is by Allon Kaye.

This side of the tape was republished in September 2014
as part of Entr’acte’s SoundCloud mix series.

B1: Colin Potter “Melodious Thunk"
B2: Stephan Mathieu “Pauline"
B3: Autodigest as performed by José Maria Lopes “Compression 3 (Unplugged)"
B4: Othon “Behind the Veil Behold the Liquid Light!"
B5: Achim Mohné “First Five Minutes – Live at KHM"
B6: Gastón Arévalo “Atlas"
B7: Millimetre “When We Were Strangers"
B8: The Swifter “Neap Tide"
B9: Steinbrüchel “Sinus 5"

Illustration of a sinister cupcake – Dale Cornish

Read more about “Something Special”, a concert at NK, Berlin, 3 August 2013


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