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TTW#65 - Oren Ambarchi - Amulet

Edition #1 - cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies

Edition #2 - cassette only – clear shell, limited edition of 100 copies
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Track listing:
A: I

Illustration - SavX

iPhone recordings assembled at Chez Cole, Winnipeg, July 2013.


Boomkat (UK):

Oren Ambarchi live recordings assembled on Cheryl Cole's iPhone at her house in Winnipeg. Not really, but it's that's how I first misread the description. Amulet actually presents two iPhone recordings assembled at Chez Cole, Winnipeg, July 2013 by the inestimable Oren Ambarchi. We've no further info but from what we can hear these are rudimentary iPhone recordings excerpted and crudely edited from a live performance (a shard of applause possibly gives the game away) between rippling, dynamically spaced percussions and ghostly drones, reminding at once of Mike Weis's ‘Loop Current / Raft’ LP, a gaseous echo of Eli Keszler or a passage from some Zoviet*France ritual. Already sold out at source this one.


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