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TTW#69 – Michael Muennich – Schamprozessionen

Cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies
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Track listing;
A: 14'29"
B: 14'45"

Illustration – Mario Caroli

Recorded and assembled by Michael Muennich 2013/2014 at Fragment Factory, Hamburg. Mastered by Phil Julian.

Michael Muennich was born in 1980 in a South West German border town close to France. Relocated to Hamburg in 2004. Founded Fragment Factory in summer of 2009 as a platform to publish the own and friends' musical (or non musical) effusions. Recent and forthcoming releases on Fragment Factory, Banned Production, Firework Edition Records, Noise-Below and Geräuschmanufaktur. Primarily working on the basis of everyday surrounding sounds, focussing on all kinds of objects as tone generators.


Vital Weekly (NL):

The Tapeworm, one of UK’s finer houses for cassette only releases, is still going strong, reaching now their sixty nineth release and for this one we have music from Michael Muennich, who has his own label in the form of Fragment Factory. As we can see with releases on his own label, there is an element of performance in his work, one not unlike that of Schimpfluch, of whom he also releases work. The visual element is of course not part of this, which makes it perhaps harder to judge this; to check the performance element. We hear something that could be the dripping of water, looped perhaps, processed perhaps and those form a backdrop for these two pieces. On top there is some sort of slurping sound, like Muennich is drinking from a glass. It's very minimal but it’s also quite captivating. You never know what's going to happen. The other side doesn't have a voice, but closely miked objects being played and which sound not unsimilar to the listening to antenna's picking up long wave signals. Perhaps less intense but more complex with lots of things happening on various levels. Very fine tape!


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