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TTW#73 – Autodigest – Free Tape

Tape only – limited edition of 50 copies
Distributed freely to early-comers at “The Tapeworm’s Bunch of Fives”
Café Oto, 16th September 2014

Autodigest writes…

“An unexpected side effect of digital immersion has been a kind of fetishistic, melancholic return to the tangible, the object, the presence; the pan-geographical expansion of niche interest certainly hasn't hurt either. Most importantly, while prodigally re-entering analogue, we again experience a more humane form of engagement with media. In this case, sound: an ever so slight disintegration of content with every listen, the looming ghost of the torn, irreplaceable medium adding to the urgency of the listening act.

This is one way, among many, of marvelling at the flawless resurrection of magnetic audio via The Tapeworm throughout the last five years. Another one is to acknowledge an expanded field of possibilities. Audio tape is as much a medium as it is a message, it is now clear, its physical qualities ready to be reinvented once freed from the strict duty to provide portable sound. Sound is still there, it's just that bit harder to get to; and the tape is emancipated in the process. Free your tape and your ears will follow!” – Autodigest, Porto, 2 Aug 2014.

Cover star: Antifluffy.
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