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TTW#74 – Antifluffy featuring Bruce Geduldig – Before Before Surgery

Cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies

“Before Before Surgery” is now available as a free download from Futureplaces’ Bandcamp page, in honour of the memory of Bruce Geduldig.

A: “Daft Phunk” – Recorded November 2, 2013 at Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal. Featuring Angelica Salvi: harp; Anselmo Canha: recorded sounds, conductor; Bernadette Martou: performance; Bruce Geduldig: vocals, performance; Dale Cornish: text, voice; Gustavo Costa: percussion; Heitor Alvelos: vocals, percussion, horn, performance; Henrique Fernandes: double bass; João Guimarães: saxophone; João Martins: saxophone; José Maria Lopes: guitar; Luc van Lieshout: song arrangements; Paulo Cunha Martins: electric bass, Moog; Pedro Cunha: percussion; Philip Marshall: tapes, delays; Rodrigo Cardoso: guitar; Susana Santos Silva: trumpet.

B: “Nozes” – Recorded June 20, 2014 at Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal. Featuring Angelica Salvi: harp, treatments; Anselmo Canha: bass; António Serginho: percussion; Bruce Geduldig: vocals, performance; Heitor Alvelos: vocals, horns, performance; José Maria Lopes: electric guitar; Len Massey: Skype interferences; Liam Taylor: Skype interferences; Paulo Cunha Martins: keys; Pedro Carvalho de Almeida: keys; Pedro Cunha: percussion; Pupa: saxophone; Deline Cion and Mreddie Fercury: Antifluffies.

Mastered and edited by Anselmo Canha, September 2014. Illustration - Heitor Alvelos, over a photograph of Antifluffy by Luís Barbosa and a logo freakout by AC+HA.


Antifluffy is the pop cousin of Autodigest, both dedicated to a critique of the current culture of entertainment and the paradoxical labyrinths of late consumerism. While Autodigest takes the cerebral, strategic route, Antifluffy gets down and dirty, visceral in the face of fluff. Whether disemboweling magnetic tape or analogue photographs, delivering impassioned manifestos or crooning away in recruitment mode, Antifluffy is an invitation to rise above the bore of derivative karaoke, the endless re-packaging of interchangeable autotune divas, Photoshopped selfies, cute pseudo-eroticism, the sugar-coated shoving of ideology onto the slums of digital iHallucination.

Antifluffy emerged as a drifting concept for Heitor Alvelos’s participation at Stopestra 2013 (its first manifestation came in the shape of a highly customised version of “Billie Jean”, to be found elsewhere on the web); it came of age as a mascot for FuturePlaces 2013, through the team conspiracy of HA, Anselmo Canha, Teresa Serôdio, Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou. It has since taken on the most various shapes and guises, and is currently developed by a lucky few as a soap opera posterboy, proto-politician, academic subject, death metal singer, beat poet, selfie slave, the ghost of analogue warmth, prophet of catastrophe. An interview with Antifluffy can be read on

Heitor Alvelos writes: “This cassette brings together two fragments of recent and ongoing controlled chaos taking place in Porto, Portugal – with Antifluffy as both the foreboding guardian and the spiritual bond.

Side one is the full recording of the closing concert of FuturePlaces 2013, Medialab for Citizenship, curated by Heitor Alvelos and Karen Gustafson for the UTAustin-Portugal program in digital media. Every October since 2008, we throw together a deliberately unlikely mix of creatives, tech-heads, radio wizards, thinkers, activists and nomads, and watch the impossible happen before our very eyes. Besides being the culmination of six days of creative work, this particular gig served as the chance to unleash Antifluffy onto the World at large. More on the mayhem at

The recording on side two is again a concert. It emerged in the days leading to the Summer Solstice, 2014, as a gut reaction to the birth of a new Portuguese internet/mobile/entertainment brand mega-consortium: NOS. The ubiquitous NOS marketing campaign, treading on Photoshop boobs ’n’ teeth, dead pop stars and hysterically cute pets, was reinvented as an antidote; cryptic and visceral, cerebral and introspective – all that contemporary mainstream culture seems to abhor. The gig doubled as a goodbye card to Bruce Geduldig and Bernadette Martou who, after two extraordinarily fertile years based in Porto, left soon thereafter to pursue a new life across the Atlantic. From Tapeman to Bubblewrapman… Antifluffy in all its guises.” – Heitor Alvelos, Porto, 26th September 2014.


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