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TTW#76 – Paul H Williams – Aeroforms

Cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies

Track listing;
A: Aeroforms 2
B: Aeroforms 1

Paul H Williams writes: “Aeroforms 1 and 2 were made around 1984/85 using a BBC Microcomputer with a Music 500 outboard synthesiser and Ample music software. This release has been mastered from that original cassette recording.

I developed a generative music programme that created sound pieces within a set of boundaries. Tones were produced within a range of sound qualities, frequencies, periods and start times. Once the parameters were selected randomisation was used so that the programme “chose” which tones to play, how to play them, when and for how long.

The parameters used made for completely different sonic experiences. Aeroforms 2 is a meditative drone piece. Aeroforms 1 is an ambient backdrop that doesn't even require the listener – like a piece of audio furniture. Side one is for deep listening. Side two is for not-even-listening…

Every time the programme was run a different performance would occur. The recordings feature the first 45 minutes of each piece which are eternal in length…” – Paul H Williams, London, 13th November 2014.


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