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TTW#78 – Saturn and the Sun – Harsh Realities, Broken Bones and Skull Tones

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies.

Four untitled tracks, 38mins
Illustration – SavX

Saturn and the Sun is a new duo for electronic and psychic tension comprising Gothenburg residents Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander. As core members of ritual rock band The Skull Defekts, they have toured the world during the past years and have released a hot line of records. As Saturn and the Sun, their common interest in harsh electronic music and deep drones is their focus.

Nordwall has run the iDEAL Recordings label since 1998 and can also be found collaborating with people like Mika Vainio, Mats Gustafsson and Mark Wastell (as Oceans of Silver & Blood).

Rylander is a crime scene photographer, conceptual artist and used to be the beat of dangerous garage rock group Union Carbide Productions. 


Vital Weekly (NL):

More drones of extreme sustaining tones, amplified to the max… well, relatively speaking. These boys love their noise surely, but their interest is not, and that’s great, in the production of more harsh noise walls. As said when writing about their LP, this is all loud, but not too much, even when I can imagine one should play this loud. I envisage that they sit together, find a few sounds that “work” well together and then set about to record a piece of a specific time; that, or they cut down their piece once they have enough playing it. There is not a lot of difference between the pieces on the LP and on the cassette, which makes then all together quite some heavy drone music for about [forty] minutes in total. That might be quite a lot to play in one go, but I experienced it as pleasantly forceful music.


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