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TTW#83 – Cristian Vogel – ’mist Tape

Cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies

Illustration – grohs

A: Part I [47m08s]
B: Part II [47m11s]

“I found some talking books out on the street – someone was throwing them away. They had been in the sun a while. Perfect. I took one home and recorded over it with sketches and ideas. This isn’t a mix tape – it’s a ’mist tape.” – Cristian Vogel, Copenhagen, 27 August 2015

Cristian Vogel is a long-term innovator in the composition, mixing and performance of electronic sounds. His professional career as an independent creator working in advanced music and technology has established him as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio. Born in Chile 1972 and raised in the UK, he is now based in Copenhagen.

All music composed and recorded directly to cassette by Cristian Vogel 2014-2015, except for the slamming beat at 3’27” of side one, which is a short clip of SØS Gunver Ryberg mixing one of her tracks in Vogel’s studio – used with kind permission.


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