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TTW#84 – UnicaZürn – Omegapavilion

Cassette only – limited edition

Illustration – Danielle Dax

A: Extract From Eternal Conumbra
B1: Heliomantra
B2: Phosphor AKS

UnicaZürn is Stephen Thrower and David Knight. Recorded during March 2015 in Battersea, London.

The tracks for the “Omegapavilion” cassette are three improvisations played, recorded and edited by UnicaZürn specifically for this release across one weekend in March 2015. Instrumentation comprised an ARP Solina String Ensemble, EMS Synthi AKS, electric guitar, and two iPads.

Here’s Joe Banks, writing about the group for The Quietus: “UnicaZürn is an ongoing collaboration between David Knight and Stephen Thrower, two musicians with some serious avant rock credentials – Knight was a key member of Shock Headed Peters and songwriting partner to the divine Danielle Dax, while Thrower was with Coil for eight years and is also one half of Cyclobe. The music they make together using a variety of vintage keys and reed instruments is a viscerally organic strain of proto-ambient, strongly influenced by the pre-sequencer Tangerine Dream of “Zeit” and “Atem”. We’re firmly in drone territory here, but a long way away from throwing a few synth loops into GarageBand and hoping for the best.”


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