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TTW#99 – Damo Suzuki’s Network featuring Château Laut – Ausland

Cassette only – limited edition of 150 copies

Damo Suzuki in performance with Château Laut, recorded at Ausland, Berlin, 30.iv.2010 by Stephan Laackman. Mastered for cassette format by Mark Van Hoen.

Illustration – SavX.

Château Laut’s Stefan Fähler writes: “I contacted Damo in 2009. He didn't reply immediately and at one point I just forgot about it… So, it was a huge surprise when he replied, exactly a year to the day later, explaining his email’s calendar was weird and he had only just now received my mail. Quickly, we arranged all details for our concert-to-be.

We first met a couple of months later, at the airport. We picked him up in the morning and were stoned just an hour later in our kitchen. The energy for the whole day was so peaceful and warm. On the way to soundcheck we saw barricades and police vans on the streets in readiness for 1 May – a date famous in Berlin for rioting and protest. We joked about this “predictable riot”, marked in calendars for all to see.

The gig at Ausland proceeded organically. We shared many beautiful moments, both on and off stage. Damo was so much into the atmosphere and the crowd that, after our main set, we went on-stage a second time. Afterwards, we crashed at our place, downing a couple of whiskeys before going to sleep, happy.

We kept in touch. He became something close to a spiritual mentor for me. He gave us contacts around the globe for travels and put me in touch with many nice people. He once said to me, one of the most important things in life is to travel. We were glad he stopped by our place on his journey.” – Stefan Fähler, Berlin, 23.viii.2017


The Wire (UK):

Personally, I've found just about every one of the Network formulations Damo Suzuki has played with to be tippy top. He brings the bubbling best out of pretty much everyone he plays with. And so it is here, when his Network is the German quartet Château Laut, recorded in Berlin in 2010. Suzuki’s singing is largely on the inside edge of what he's been doing, often in a tone that recalls the late Arthur Lee as much as anything else. The band is angular and spaced without sounding derivative, and they really demonstrate how to quiver when Damo unleashes on the second side. Nice.

Bleep (UK):

The legendary Can vocalist Damo Suzuki drops this super limited cassette with his Network group and guest collaborators Château Laut. Made up of two thirty minute recordings, “Ausland” is a meditation on long-form sound experiments that we all know Suzuki does best. Taking in classic kraut feelings, avant-jazz murmurings and coming as the result of a stoned Berlin home studio session this is a wild ride that feels as personal as the liner notes. Recorded live at Ausland, Berlin 2010.


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