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WHO#05 - Achim Mohné – Seite B c/w Seite A

Limited edition of 100 copies – a single, dissected…

“Seite B” – one-sided 7” white label vinyl, hand screen-printed cover
“Seite A” – one track WAV download


“Seite B” is the second excerpt of Achim Mohné’s live set at Kunsthaus Dresden on 24.v.12, as recorded by Arno Jordan (Analog Inn). It has been pressed on a one-sided white label 7”, screen-printed in white ink on white by Berlin-based artist Lukas Julius Keijser, in a hand-numbered edition of 100 copies only. Inside each sleeve you will find a small sachet of swarf, recovered from this record’s cut at Transition Studios, London.

The first excerpt – the conceptual “flip-side” of the single – is titled “Seite A” and available for you to download, once the vinyl has been purchased. This pair of recordings work together like a Möbius tape – the end of “Seite A” is the beginning of “Seite B” and “Seite B” ends where “Seite A” starts… Listen to “Seite A” on your digital player and to “Seite B” on your record player, at 45 rpm. 

Mohné started working with record players and other audio playback devices in the mid 90s. He experiments with the space and time intervals inherent in these machines and is especially interested in “music that lies hidden in the medium itself”. 

He subjects sound carriers, from vinyl to tape and beyond, to a forensic autopsy – for example, by analysing the dust particles inside a vinyl groove. 

Mohné has performed alongside Philip Jeck at venues such as ZKM Karlsruhe and the Denovali Swingfest as part of the VINYL+ project. Using a triple vinyl deck set-up, his analytic auditory observations of these grooves – all grooves sound different, depending on how dust has effected and transformed the soft surface of the vinyl – converts tiny dust particles into a “sound sculpture”.


The Wire (UK):

Single-sided 7” from a live performance in Dresden. Mohné has been working with audio playback devices as a sound-source for 20 years, with the emphasis on dust and various other things that mess with the surface of the recording. This excerpt is fuzzy, repetitious and clunky in a very human way. Will make you jump up often to check on its status, so it’s a good work-out record as well.


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