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WHO#16D – F.Art – Stiller Tag / Stille Nacht

This download is a gift from The Wormhole – only available from our Bandcamp page

F.Art was a Berlin radical dadaesque anti-art duo in what they call the eighties. F.Art were Rolf Jungklaus and Billie Ray Martin.

They recorded an album in their bedroom which has so far never been heard. Instruments included a Black & Decker drill, a radio, a synth with an inbuilt drum machine, a two-track tape machine, a bottle of Tipp-Ex and other such oddities. They could be seen around town at the time, doing performance art and live shows.

There’s more to come from F.Art in 2019. For the time being here’s their Christmas song, entitled “Silent Night”, which has never, until now, been unleashed on society…

#dadadoodoo #F.ArtSmellsOK #radicaldada #BerlinEighties


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