The Tapeworm and Stellage present…

The Worm Rose of Athens

1 & 2 March 2024 — two concerts and an exhibition. In performance: Marta De Pascalis, Jay Glass Dubs, Simon Pomery, Bethnal Greener, Alcibiades, Philip Marshall and venoztks. On the walls: SavX.


1 March 2024 at Stellage, Kipselis 49 — Bethnal Greener, Alcibiades (JGD x venoztks) and Philip Marshall. Starts at 18:00, free entry.

2 March 2024 at KET, Kyprou 91A — Marta De Pascalis, Jay Glass Dubs debuts Jeck Glass Dubs, Simon Pomery and venoztks. Starts at 18:00, 10 Euros.

1 March — 1 May 2024 at Stellage, Kipselis 49Reel Thing, a special exhibition of Savage Pencil’s artworks for The Tapeworm.

The Worm Rose of Athens

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