To celebrate our tenth birthday, The Tapeworm, The Wormhole and The Bookworm will be pushing a plethora of Very Exciting XWORM Product™.

WHO#17 – Laura Agnusdei

Vinyl LP in an edition of 300 and DL, releasing 29 November 2019. “Laurisilva” is the scientific name for a kind of subtropical forest, charactarised by the presence of laurophyll, broadleaf tree species and high humidity. Laura Agnusdei borrowed this scientific term, which contains also the same Latin roots of her first name, to describe the personal musical ecosystem of her debut album. Its six tracks invite the listener to explore an imaginary landscape made from sounds growing and layering like biological organisms within a forest. While her saxophone is often the leading voice of the work, it occasionally shares the stage with the trumpet of contemporary music player Elisabeth Lusche, the swinging reeds of Italian jazz musician Giacomo Bertocchi and the ancient flutes of early music expert Thomas Reyna.

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WHO#14 – Tears|Ov
A Hopeless Place

Gatefold LP in an edition of 200 and DL, releasing 8 November 2019. Founded in 2015, Tears|Ov are sound artist/self-taught musician Lori E Allen, classically trained cellist/mixed media artist Katie Spafford and illustrator/prison psychotherapist Deborah Wale. ‘A Hopeless Place’ was initiated by a commission from Wolfgang Tillmans to perform at the Tate Modern’s South Tanks, part of a concert series curated by the artist in parallel to his 2017 retrospective at the gallery. ‘We were asked to play a gig at the Tate in March 2017’ recalls Lori. ‘I’d already started on some of the tracks, but it gave us an opportunity to present them as a composition around their connected themes. Sometime after the gig we decided to capture the work and turn it in to an album.’

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TTW#120 – Jay Glass Dubs – Two Devotional Songs For Spacemen 3 In The Style Of Love Inc.

Jay Glass Dubs is an exercise of style focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form. “Two Devotional Songs For Spacemen 3 In The Style Of Love Inc.” was written, mixed, produced and mastered by Jay Glass Dubs, Athens, 2019. Illustration: TAHNKS Berlin.

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TTW#123 – XYZ (an ABC of The Tapeworm as Mixed by Dale Cornish)

A mixtape in an edition of 150 copies starring a scrambled ABC of The Tapeworm, as mixed by Dale Cornish. Initially available only at at (also on sale at The Tapeworm’s XWORM 10th anniversary shows). Featuring, not in alphabetical order… A is for Laura Agnusdei, B is for Blood Music, C is for Dale Cornish, D is for The Dead Mauriacs, E is for Michael Esposito, F is for Le Forbici Di Manitù, G is for Stefan Goldmann, H is for Howlround, I is for Iceman Junglist Kru, J is for Jay Glass Dubs, K is for Kostis Kilymis, L is for Davide Luciani, M is for Achim Mohné, N is for NYZ, O is for OUT, P is for Marta de Pascalis, Q is for Quietitude, R is for Rishaug Marhaug, S is for Steinbrüchel, T is for Tears|Ov, U is for UnicaZürn, V is for Wouter Van Veldhoven, W is for Paul H Williams, X is for X-Ray Sally, Y is for Yol and Z is for Ziúr x Château Laut

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TTW#117 – Swantje Lichtenstein and Jono Podmore – Hallraum

Cassette in an edition of 100 copies. Improvised site-specific performance accompanying and responding to the sights and sounds of Worringerplatz, Düsseldorf, Germany, 10 August 2018.

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TBW#04 – SavFrost
Cuckoo Head Cool Dog

Savage Pencil x Barbara Frost’s ‘Cuckoo Head Cool Dog’ is a perfect 192pp paperback – available with a Papal Purple or Germolene Pink jacket. Releases 27 September 2019. Available to pre–order now.

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WHO#10 – Vodou/Rara

WHO#10 is a 10” vinyl in an edition of 100 copies, also available digitally. It features Port-au-Prince field recordings by Achim Mohné, recorded in December 2015 during a residency at the Ghetto Biennale, Haiti. With thanks to: Ghetto Biennale, Leah Gordon, Atis Rezistans, Gabriel Toso, the priests and priestesses, the members of the all-female rara band, the percussionists, Clocktower Radio and all the Haitian People. Releases 27 September 2019. Available to pre–order now.

‘Tanbou prete pa janm fè bon dans’
(‘A borrowed drum never makes good dancing’)

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