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Just Push Play – The Tapeworm and Entr’acte attack Belgium, 3.v.13 and 5.v.13

On the 3rd and 5th of May 2013, Entr’acte and The Tapeworm co-present two live performances in Belgium. In performance: Dale Cornish and Achim Mohné, with sonic interventions by Philip Marshall. Special guest in Brussels: Thierry Burnhout.

3.v.13 – 20h00

Nema Tog Podrum
44(sic), Bleekhofstraat 44
2140 Borgerhout
free entry

5.v.13 – 21h00

Karel Ball #38
136, Rue Haute
1000 Brussels
€6 – reservation:
doors close at 21h30

Achim Mohné started working with record players and other audio playback devices in the mid 90s. He experiments with the space and time intervals inherent in these machines and is especially interested in ‘music that lies hidden in the medium itself.’ He subjects sound carriers, from vinyl to tape and beyond, to a forensic autopsy – for example, by analysing the dust particles inside a vinyl groove. Mohné has just released ‘Seite B c/w Seite A’ – a single, dissected, on The Wormhole label –

Dale Cornish – Born, raised and current of London (south). No Bra (2004-6): co-wrote unexpected hit ‘Munchausen’. Terse humour and observations/worldly interests further evident with work of ecstatic noise trio Baraclough (2006–), including ‘The Lampshade Is Not A Past Tense’ for the Tapeworm. Current focus is on solo and collaborative works and performances. New album ‘Fleshpile Sister’, a selection of dub versions of vocal album ‘Fleshpile Thematic’ (released by The Tapeworm in January 2013) is to be released on Entr’acte in time for summer. Previous solo releases include ‘Glacial’ (Entr’acte, 2012) and ‘Voluntary Redundancy Salad’ (Beartown Records, 2011) –

Both shows co-presented by the splendid Entr’acte –

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