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TTW#102 – Christos Chondropoulos – Music From The Early Robotic Societies Of The Basin

Cassette only – limited edition of 75 copies – shipping in December

A1 Desire As Love
A2 Disco Veduno
A3 Maternal
B1 The Turkish Bath
B2 Smile Again
B3 Future Basin

This project imagines a futuristic scenario – of a post-human society in the Athenian basin and of its music. Robots are reminded of the fundamental joys of playing, singing and dancing with these eight channel cassette recordings, inspired by Greece’s complex cultural traditions and associations with Asia and Africa.


Christos Chondropoulos (b.1984) is a percussionist and producer based in Athens, Greece. He made his debut as a member of the experimental band XYSM. In 2013 he released “Fingerpainting”, a solo percussion LP. In 2015 his collaboration with Acid Baby Jesus resulted in two releases on Slovenly Recordings. Notable live performances include 2014’s Borderline Festival at The Onassis Cultural Centre and 2017’s MAWA Festival. In 2016 he participated in “634 Minutes Inside A Volcano”, which brought the Greek improv scene to the cover of New York Times. In 2017 he was invited by Documenta 14 to join the Listening Room programme – his mixtape “Athenian Primitivism” was also transmitted by Documenta 14’s “Every Time A Ear di Soun”.


Boomkat (UK):

A whirlijig of chromatic melodies and keening harmonics harnessed to folk dancing drums played by imaginary AI, Music From The Early Robotic Societies of The Basin forms a mesmerising introduction to Christos Chondropoulos’ world, offered by perennial subterranean diggers, The Tapeworm.

Wrought from alien synth voices in a cadence of queered scales and punctuated with elegant, swaying rhythms, Music From The Early Robotic Societies of The Basin feels utterly, spellbindingly ancient yet simultaneously futuristic, wrapping up a wealth of influences that make up the Athenian sound image into a steeply enigmatic tale of East meets West, North and South. Having been lucky enough to visit Athens recently, this writer can only confirm that Christos has beautifully distilled the magick of that city into these recordings. As we’re going to do, his Fingerpainting [2013] and Athenian Primitivism tapes are on the list of what to check next.

Tiny Mix Tapes (USA):

There’s no other cave like Christos Chondropoulos’ cave. Like, imagine a completely rock-enclosed structure just crumbling ever-so slightly, year-after-year, as if it’s a renovation technique for space. A couple of sharp whisks with the broom, and a cave is larger. Brighter. Ready to echo out Music From the Early Robotic Societies of the Basin.

AI abandoned in routine. The Tapeworm running its corse. Like a battery. Completely unstoppable. Not knowing this would come up. A better tomorrow. When archaic sounds revolve and bite you in the ass. Come through to the club cave. There’s a mania here you’ve gotta taste.

Bleep (UK):

Amazing stuff on this new Tapeworm cassette, seriously! Chondropoulos somehow manages to channel Marcello Giombini’s Mondial Folk III / Piero Umiliani’s legendary Continente Nero through a distinctly modern and ritualistic take on ancient Greek folklore. He doesn’t shy away from dance orientated tracks either, with ‘Smile Again’ immediately standing out as something we’d love to play in the club. Apparently concerned with the idea of a post-human society and the implications it may have on his home countries cultural legacy, Chondropoulos crafts some sort of twisted lament to beam into the future. Incredible work in our humble opinion!


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