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TTW#121 – Iceman Junglist Kru – Mashed On Pills

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
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A1: Cold War Surveillance State 2-Step
A2: Mashed On Pills!
A3. Could Jandek Exist In This Day And Age?
B1: Leningrad Cowboy
B2: The Rave At The End Of The Universe
B3: Five Minutes Of Static For Robbie Basho.

Written and produced by Lil Schemer and DJ Financial Ruin. Mixed at The Ladywell Grime Lab. Shout out to the cops.

Formed from a bond that stretches across time and space, from the rain-soaked Lancastrian hills of Manchester over towards the icy shores of Stockholm, via North down South London and a shared admiration for the hidden reverse of Nurse With Wound and Coil, the concrete surrealism of dead air time grime from the turn of the Millennium and an unhealthy drop of teeth-chattering ecstasy. The Iceman Junglist Kru's debut recording proper distills the influence of all of these sectors of sound, each as important as the other. If you see a cop, throw this tape out of the car window…


Bleep (UK):

Iceman Junglist Kru they may be, but don’t come to “Mashed On Pills” expecting hoofing bass or ‘Amen’ breaks. Rather, what we have here are six muffled, murky drones occasionally punctuated by alien throbs of synth or disembodied voices. Industrial pioneers like Nurse With Wound, Coil and Prurient come to mind, but if you listen hard you can discern the rave memories through the static (for Robbie Basho) in a manner that nods to Actress at his most outré.

The Wire (UK):

Worth it for titles like “Cold War Surveillance State 2-Step”, “The Rave At The End Of The Universe” and “Could Jandek Exist In This Day And Age?”. The two sides of this cassette are more dronewash soundtracks for early millennium morning after gurning, and skull-scouring white noise to sip a Purdey’s to as the sun comes up.


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