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TTW#125 – Bana Haffar / Nour Mobarak – You Are The Audience

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
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A: Live At Zebulon, March 18, 2018
B1: “You Are The Audience”, Live At Potts Gallery, May 18, 2018
B2: Primary Worker (Studio Version)

Nour Mobarak: voice and FX. Bana Haffar: modular synthesizer. Mastered by Juliette Amoroso.

This cassette tape is a document of two live performances by the Haffar/Mobarak duo. Their mutual pleasure in variable tunings, granular synthesis, and structured improvisations shaped their collaboration.

A lifelong expatriate, Bana Haffar was born in Saudi Arabia in 1987 and spent much of her childhood in the GCC. Through her switch from 10 years of electric bass to modular synthesizers in 2014, Bana is attempting to dismantle years of institutional “conditioning” in traditional systems of music theory and performance. She is interested in exploring sonic disintegration and coalescence into new forms and synthesized experiences.

Nour Mobarak (Lebanese-American, born 1985 in Cairo, Egypt) is an artist working with writing, music, performance, sculpture, and film making. Performances include the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; Stadslimeit, Antwerp; Cafe OTO, London, and Cambridge University, Cambridge; among others. Mobarak has participated in exhibitions at Miguel Abreu Gallery, Cubitt Gallery, Rodeo, Taaffe Place, LAXART. Her writings have been published by De Appel/F.R. David, The Claudius App, and The Salzburg Review among others. Her music has been released by Ultra Eczema (Antwerp) and Recital (Los Angeles).


Bleep (UK):

There’s no stopping The Tapeworm in 2020, and lucky for us, they’re content to release whatever they feel like regardless of genre. This release by Saudi Arabian-Lebanese duo Band Haffar and Nour Mobarak is particularly interesting in the label’s oeuvre. “You Are The Audience” finds these esteemed artists working across music concrete, field recording and modular synthesis to create a hallucinogenic landscape of global conversations.


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