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TTW#136 – Trinovantes – Hidden Codes

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
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A1: Turn Loose The Swans [My Dying Bride]
A2: At Rest [Decomposed]
A3: From Ignorance to Oblivion [Gorefest]
B1: Hallowed Be Thy Name [Iron Maiden]
B2: Through The Collonades [Entombed]
B3: The Night Eternal [At The Gates]

All eponymous tracks made using MIDI data extracted by algorithmic processes. Produced by Franz Kirmann and Stuart Bowditch. Artwork: Roman Gamaury. Type O Graphy: Stefan Fähler.

Trinovantes is a new collaboration between old friends Franz Kirmann and Stuart Bowditch, who originally met in 2007 at the Multivitamins events in Shoreditch.

The body of work on Hidden Codes employs a new approach. Songs by metal bands were interpreted by algorithmic functions into MIDI. The extracted data was then edited and played through a variety of software and synthesisers to generate warm, ambient layers that, whilst removed from the original songs, retains a sentiment of the original ideas. The layers were then arranged and further processed to form new pieces.

Since Stuart Bowditch first started making music in his teens his sound has transitioned from drumming in grindcore, death metal and punk bands to experiments in sampling, programming, improvisation, noise and field recordings. He is inquisitive and unconventional, exploiting objects and spaces not normally associated with making music such as tea cups, bridges and sculptures. Sounds extracted from these objects are then processed, arranged, mutated and spliced together into indeterminate forms of unexpected rhythms and textures. Thematically collections of Bowditch’s work are centred around locations: E2 & E8 (Cotton Goods 2010), The Old Waterworks (Hibernate 2014) and Bastion (Awkward Formats 2015), materiality: Object Studies - Metal (Rural Colours 2013) and 12 Inch Polycarbonate Disc (Courier 2017) and external influence: Thirty (FBox Records 2012) and Belongings (Courier 2018). Bowditch has played live extensively including venues such as Cafe Oto, Iklectik, Tate Britain, Focal Point Gallery Southend, Hadleigh Old Fire Station and Fuse Gallery Bradford. Performances using only objects found at the venue were made at The Union Chapel, Resonance FM studio and Studio 3.03 London. Regular collaborations with visual artist Jon Kipps have also taken Bowditch’s sounds to Sonorities Festival Belfast, Sound Kitchen Prague, News of the World Gallery Deptford and Camden People’s Theatre.

Franz Kirmann is a French music producer and recording artist based in London. He has been releasing music since 2006, both as a solo artist and with composer/multi-instrumentalist Tom Hodge with their electronic/post-classical crossover project Piano Interrupted. After a few albums with German imprint Denovali, he signed to Decca publishing in 2017 and started working on scores for television and films. Credits include the BBC / AMC TV series McMafia, indie documentary The Man Behind The Microphone and upcoming BBC Four Storyville doc Locked In. In fall 2019, Franz released his 4th solo album, Madrapour, on London label Bytes / Ransom Note. Entirely composed on a modular system and synthesisers, the album is a return to Franz’s purely electronic sound. 2020 saw Franz developing a more improvisational approach to his work, with the release of “First Broadcast” on Bytes / RSN and “Second Broadcast”, a collection of unreleased live jams in support of Bandcamp’s Juneteenth initiative. Aside from his production work Franz runs the electronic dance music label Days Of Being Wild, that he started in 2009 with partner Sam Berdah.


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