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TTW#94 – Rishaug Marhaug – Corneal Clouds

Edition #1 – cassette only – limited edition of 125 copies, white shell

Edition #2 – cassette only – limited edition of 50 copies, black shell

Illustration – SavX

A1: Seeing Eye Dog
A2: Subjective Refraction Error

B1: Gentle But Willing
B2: Dogs for the Blind

Recorded at Brugata, Oslo, 2012. Mixed by Alexander Rishaug at SinZen Studios, Oslo, 2017. Mastered by Stephan Mathieu at Schwebung Mastering.

Norwegian sound artists Alexander Rishaug and Lasse Marhaug have worked together as a duo for almost 20 years. In this time they have produced one album, 2004’s “Feel Free At Home”.

Now, the pair are ready with their follow-up: “Corneal Clouds”. The music was recorded in 2012, then put through an extensive and meticulous fermentation process of five years until now – at last – it is ready for the public. Rishaug Marhaug promotes positive thinking through their unique brand of electronic music.


The Wire (UK):

Two of Norway’s premier electronics maestros Alexander Rishaug and Lasse Margaug release what is only their second album's worth of collaborating for decades. One assumes they only feel compelled to do this when they think they've gotten it right. And the music here is exceptional. The first pieces feature huge plates of sound moving around like whales cruising beneath icebergs. After that it's off to some woods near a carpenter's hut, where we can lie down with a hint of bandsaws in the distance. One the second side, things start to collapse in on themselves, decaying all the while.

Boomkat (UK):

Norwegian noise miscreants Lasse Marhaug and Alexander Rishaug remerge their exploratory duo for the first time in 13 years, or since Feel Free At Home [2004], with a narcotically affective episode of electro-acoustic fumes and tense but free string composition within Corneal Clouds. The results stem from recordings made in Oslo, 2012, which underwent a five year fermentation process before it was sealed for dankness by Stephan Mathieu and now dispatched by The Tapeworm.

In four parts they offer the decayed and tumultuous results of that extended process, plunging us into a thistly, overgrown soundfield that recalls the marvellous abstraction of early electronic instigators such as Gottfried Michael Koenig as much as the mottled textures and reactively organic micro-kinetic structures of Kevin Drumm or Jason Lesscalleet, for example.

But where those comparisons stop short, Rishaug Marhaug infuse their creations with a gloomy Nordic shadowing individual to their sound, drawing parallels with black metal atmospheres and even aspects of Deathprod’s deceptively static stoicism, holding the ear’s gaze like a steeply pitted, placid fjord viewed from the mountain side during the prelude to a storm, sweeping in cold waves of chaotically textured drizzle and face-biting scree. But don’t worry, just wear some goretex in the comfort of your home and the experience will be bracingly pleasurable.


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