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TTW#96 – Lightning In A Twilight Hour – Quiet Actions

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies

Cassette only – second edition of 50 copies, black shell

Illustration – SavX

A: Abandoned Islands
B: Suspended Animation

Lightning In A Twilight Hour is the new project from Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice, Northern Picture Library, Trembling Blue Stars) with Beth Arzy (The Luxembourg Signal, Trembling Blue Stars) and Michael Hiscock (The Field Mice).

For their fourth release, Bobby is joined by Anne Mari Barker-Davies (The Field Mice, Northern Picture Library) on vocals, and regular producer Ian Catt. “Quiet Actions” is a cassette only edition of 100 copies.

It features two brand new long-form compositions – “Abandoned Islands”, whereby a repeating series of simple phrases relies on increased effects to achieve the movement within the piece, and “Suspended Animation” featuring the aforementioned Barker-Davies and a close mic-ed portable cassette player providing a subtle rhythm, a nod to the intended format. Both recordings were made in late February 2017 and both feature field recordings made in Liverpool in April 2016.


Boomkat [UK]:

The perfectly unpredictable Tapeworm gently approaches its 100th release with #96 coming from Liverpool’s Lightning In A Twilight Hour, following in serene suit to TTW’s lush dispatch from Pinkcourtesyphone.

Bobby Wratten (Saint Etienne, Northern Picture Library, The Field Mice) makes the music and Anne Mari Barker-Davies (Northern Picture Library, The Field Mice) sings. Production/engineering is handled by Ian Catt, who has produced several Saint Etienne records.

On the A-side, “Abandoned Islands” they stroke up a cloud of melancholy shoegaze harmonies hobbling along a close-mic’d drum pulse recorded off a portable cassette player. It’s a fine example of the melancholy we’d associate with that region, which comes to life in a more literal way via subtle field recordings in the B-side’s “Suspended Animation”, threaded into a shimmering moire of plasmic guitars and levitating electronics where Barker-Davies plaintive coos eventually percolate thru the mix leaving us all fluffy, like.


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