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Night of the Living Worms – The Tapeworm at FuturePlaces, Porto, 31 October 2013

On the 31st of October 2013, The Tapeworm presents ‘Night of the Living Worms’ – a live soirée at Passos Manuel as part of Porto’s splendid FuturePlaces medialab. In performance: Andrew Poppy, Dale Cornish and Autodigest, with sporadic sounds/speeches from Philip ‘Ejeckt’ Marshall.

Passos Manuel
Rua de Passos Manuel 137
4000-381 Porto

31 October 2013
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Andrew Poppy is a composer, pianist, performer, record producer and writer. He is an artist with a unique body of work and collaborations that mix acoustic and electronic sounds with language, visual images and performance disciplines. In the 1970s he studied music at Goldsmiths College and with John Cage. In the mid 1980s he signed to Trevor Horn’s maverick pop label ZTT as a contemporary composer and artist, making three albums which evade classification. His work continues to connect singers and musicians from different traditions, as in the current  ‘Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling’ – 9 songs in search of a territory, 7 voices in search of a song – a CD and staged performance. Recently his ‘Revolution Number Eight – Airport For Joseph Beuys,’ for BBC Concert Orchestra and dub electronics was presented on the South Bank by Jarvis Cocker.  Last year The Tapeworm released ‘Infernal Furniture,’ a collection of piano sonatas and their electronic obliteration counterpoints. He is the artistic director of a number of ongoing creative projects: The Sustaining Ensemble; Field Radio Recordings; BARDSLEY_POPPY Projects. Andrew also works in arts education, developing post graduate courses and modules, mentoring and as a workshop leader –

Dale Cornish – Born, raised and current of London (south). No Bra (2004-6): co-wrote unexpected hit ‘Munchausen’. Terse humour and observations/worldly interests further evident with work of ecstatic noise trio Baraclough (2006–). Current focus is on solo and collaborative works and performances. Latest album, ‘Fleshpile Sister’, released in October, is a selection of dub versions of vocal album ‘Fleshpile Thematic’ (released by The Tapeworm in January 2013). Previous solo releases include ‘Glacial’ (Entr’acte, 2012) and ‘Voluntary Redundancy Salad’ (Beartown Records, 2011) –

Autodigest was conceived [as in 'concept'] in a hotel lobby on May 26, 2001, at approximately 9 a.m., after a night of excess and euphoria (a lot milder than you may think, actually). Hotel muzak acted as the trigger for a quick rêverie on the state of music at the beginning of the 21st Century. Through a series of unplanned events and actions, coincidences and convergences, Autodigest became the focus for an ‘apocalyptic’ perception of contemporary culture, dedicated to developing and sharing a critical eye within a culture that is quickly becoming synonymous with ‘pure entertainment’. Autodigest has made live appearances since 2002, establishing the world record by performing the shortest concert ever (one-second-long concert in Stockholm, May 24, 2002), and beating its own record in June 2004 (half-a-second-long gig in Porto, Portugal). Autodigest has meanwhile released sound documents via Touch, Ash International, KREV, The Tapeworm, Crónica Electronica, The Gulbenkian Foundation, Rádio Manobras and various blogs. Though not secretive, Autodigest remains anonymous. It means to walk the tightrope between the complexity of the issues addressed and a hyperconformist approach to cultural resistance, placing itself right in the middle of the syndromes it analyses and critiques. For all we know, one of these days it might surface as a reality show… In the meantime, keep on cheering! –

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