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From the Sublime to the Vermiculous…

The Tapeworm turned ten on 1 August 2019. To celebrate our first decade, we announced two September XWORM concerts: The Tapeworm x Iklectik and The Tapeworm x Cafe OTO — A Closer Listen’s Joseph Sannicandro talked ten years of tapes with The Tapeworm in an interview published on its siteMoscow store Stellage talked ten years of tapes with The Tapeworm in an interview published on its site. Stellage also invited The Tapeworm to do a mix for – first broadcast on 26 September 2019 this broadcast is now archived online — On 3 January 2019, The Tapeworm was invited to talk tapes on BBC 5 Live Drive, a “round-up of the day's top news and sport with Sarah Brett and Tony Livesey, plus interviews with people at the centre of the stories, and regular travel updates.” “Batting for Beethoven” was discussed in depth… — The Tapeworm was invited by lovely John Osborn to play tapes at “Dred Space Cakes”, Jackie O, Berlin on Sunday 12 August 2018. The set was recorded and then broadcast on lovely Pardo’s OOH-Sounds show for Noods Radio, on 27 August 2018 – listen to the mix here. On 16 May 2018, our second show at Berlin’s finest Paloma was bravely co-hosted by Entr’acte. It featured Dale Cornish and Phil Julian, both live and as a duo with nothing to be guilty of. Allon Kaye was better dressed than you and DJ’d too. Here's that flyer and here's the Instagram documentation. – Una Paloma Branca: on 1 February 2018, Bokeh Versions and The Tapeworm in dub put on a show at Berlin’s finest, Paloma. In performance: Jay Glass Dubs, Marta De Pascalis and Hanno Leichtmann. DJ: Bokeh Edwards. Here's the flyer and here's Instagram evidence of it all.On 29 September 2017 The Tapeworm celebrated its centennial edition with “A Can of Worms” – a cassette, a concert and apparel. See a special splash page made for this site outlining all by clicking here. — The Two Ronnies talk to Russia: to help further celebrate our 100th tape, two mixes were made for Moscow's New New World Radio, by Dale Cornish, archived here and The Tapeworm, archived here.A mixtape of sexy exclusives featuring upcoming releases by a galaxy of worms was broadcast in November 2016 on Katie Gibbons’ monthly show for Bristol’s 10 Twenty Radio. Here here… – In August 2016, The Wormhole reappeared with two new 7” EPs by Dale Cornish and Phil Julian, and Paul H Williams. Messrs Cornish and Williams directed videos for their own tracks – “Laughing Out” and “Fallen To Earth” (Part III), respectively – in what could be viewed as an oblique 35th birthday tribute to MTV. — April 2016 saw “Worm Leatherette” return to Berlin with an intimate PA by ZerocropFrom Balham High Road to Santa Monica Boulevard… in February 2016, The Tapeworm’s very own Savage Pencil was interviewed in a South London pub for Dublab’s “Long Wave” show, now archived online.“Audio Viral – Unlimited Edition” – a January 2016 presentation by Ken Hollings and Jon Wozencroft at the Royal College of Art. A celebration of cassette culture, marking the release of Ken’s cassette for The Tapeworm. — With ominous hubris, The Tapeworm heralded its “Worm Leatherette” soirée as the place to shake one’s stuff to “the best fucking music ever”. A December indie disco at OHM Berlin, starring Roger “Sleeparchive” Semsroth and Finn “Macro” Johannsen. No trumpets. Here’s a recording of the proceedings for your listening pleasure.“Parasitic Infestation”, an essay by Ken Hollings written for our first Bookworm publication was archived on this site, in readiness for his Tapeworm tape… A recording of said essay was shared via The Wire’s website on the first day of September 2015.June 2015 saw the publication of two new books by The Bookworm, from Stefan Goldmann and Stefan Fähler, heralded with a bookish splash page. Herr Goldmann promoted his book with an epiphany about Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and FM synthesis as a metaphor in the July 2015 issue of The Wire. An extended edit of this essay can be found on his website. Stars and diaries aligned, and so a July event was planned to launch the books in the home town of several Stefans, Berlin, at the obliging Echo Bücher.The Tapeworm and Autodigest talked tapes with lovely Frances Morgan on The Wire’s ResonanceFM show in mid September 2014. Hear here…The Tapeworm celebrated its fifth birthday on 16th September 2014 with a strong show at Dalson’s finest, Café Oto. In performance: Andrew Poppy, Autodigest, Dale Cornish & Phil Julian, BJNilsen, Zerocrop, Osman Arabi, Graham Dowdall and CM von Hausswolff. Have an eyeball at some visual documentation of the evening, on Flickr.In August 2014, we announced the five glorious ways we would celebrate our five glorious years with a special splash page on this very website – archived here for archival’s sake…Spools Out for Summer. At the end of August 2014, the Wyrm talked tapes with The Quietus. “The most incendiary experimental tape label in Britain, The Tapeworm, is celebrating five years of existence and over seventy stellar tapes of noise, concrète, and ambience.”“B was for Berlin but, on this occasion, it is for Birthday and a Bunch of Fives.” The Tapeworm mixed by Entr’acte; the September 2014 instalment of Entr’acte’s mix series, online.“What’s said in the pub should stay in the pub…”: an interview with Decoder Magazine occurred in June 2014. — In March 2014, The Tapeworm wormed its way to deepest Dalston, to participate in The Wire’s bi-weekly radio show on NTS Radio. Listen again to its mix via The Wire’s archive page. — “Night of the Living Worms”; The Tapeworm spooked FuturePlaces, Porto at the end of October 2013. Halloween costume: not obligatory. Visual evidence can be seen by clicking here. Watch an alphabed of memories: Cornish, Marshall and PoppyAlso in late October 2013, The Tapeworm broadcast a show on Resonance104.4fm, as part of their “Long Wave” series. Your host, recorded on a Sony Walkman Pro, was Mr Stephen Wrench. This transmission can be beamed down from a cloud by clicking here.“Something Special” – The Tapeworm and Entr’acte blasted Berlin in August 2013.“Just Push Play” – The Tapeworm and Entr’acte attacked Belgium in May 2013.In 2012, The Wormhole celebrated its first two releases, by drcarlsonalbion and The Swifter, with a September Oto show.The Tapeworm talked to RTE Lyric FM’s Culture File late in 2012. Hear here.The Tapeworm contributed a few hours of recordings to Vicki Bennett’s mammoth Radio Boredcast project, a 744-hour non-stop online radio show. The entire transmission is now archived online, courtesy of WFMU.On 20.x.11, The Tapeworm curated “Worm Eats Bear”, an evening of Bankside entertainments as part of Merge Festival. Video documentation of the night: one, two, three, four, five… — The Tapeworm on BBC Radio 1? Heavens, yes, as Huw Stephens’ “Label of Love” on his June 2011 cassette special. Blimey… — “Unleashed in the East” was our second Café Oto showcase. The much-missed Ian Martin documented the evening – here’s his worm’s eye view on Flickr.Le Guess Who? and PAUME presented “The Tapeworm Comes Alive!” in Utrecht. “English cassette label changes Frog roaring monster”, wrote leading Dutch music site 3VOOR12 NL. Video from our Utrecht show can be viewed here.Berlin’s SILO talked tapes with The Wyrm in the Summer of 2010.RUIS Magazine published an interview with Wyrm: read it here.The Tapeworm took over Jonny Mugwump’s Exotic Pylon show on ResonanceFM: archived here, plus playlist.“Analog ist besser!” – der Bandwurm, auf Deutsch, bei bln.fmBBC Radio 4’s PM show talked with the Wyrm: hear here. Further reading: can read an interview with the Wyrm on Hardformat here. – The Tapeworm’s first live event was “The Night of the Long Worms”, at Café Oto in November 2009. Performances from the night by Souls on Board and Meltaot were later released on vinyl… SFT live, at “The Night of the Long Worms”: hear here! — The Tapeworm was twice mixed into Songs Of Praise on AligreFM 93.1 (Paris, France) — archived here and again here.The Tapeworm was profiled in Issue #312 of Wire magazine.


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